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Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Interactive Promo

Project Overview

The Bobbi Brown Cosmetics interview and informational piece was part of a larger project — an interactive CD-ROM “magazine” called DigiZINE.™ All the articles in DigiZINE consisted of written text, video footage of interviews, music, and an interface that played like a game. Additional content was revealed to the user the more the user interacted with the articles. Users had the option of saving their place in the articles so they could return to DigiZINE after quitting, and have the additional content available to them.

The Bobbi Brown marketing department was given a stand-alone version of the article to use in their electronic press kits.

My Role

  • Creative Direction and Design
  • UX and UI Design
  • Director/Lingo Programming
  • Digital Video/Motion Graphics
  • Interview and Content Development