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Mobile Mini Employee Program UX, UI, and Design

The Problem

Mobile Mini wanted to improve the customer experience across all satellite locations for companies that rent mobile storage. The new CEO made it a priority to get all employees on the same page and focused on providing excellent customer service.

The Solution

Working with the Mobile Mini CEO, human resources, and other project team members, I lead the conception and development of an employee program and system where the CEO could have open communication with employees and implement company-wide changes quickly. The idea was if a Mobile Mini customer called, it was the responsibility of the employee to satisfy that customer start to finish. I came up with the program name, “I got this.” and set to work on a way to track and reward employees for adopting excellence in customer service. Using some elements of gamification, we created a system where employees receive points for participating in discussion groups, reading messages from the CEO, submitting suggestions for improved customer service, and other means of working towards 100% customer satisfaction.

My Role

  • Branding/Concept/Creative Direction
  • UI and UX Design
  • Collaborating with development team in I.T.
  • Managing design department team

What was created?

  • Site wireframes
  • User flow diagrams
  • Site layouts
  • All UI elements