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Signcast Promotional Video and Interactive

The Problem

Signcast was a startup platform for advertising alcohol and other products that could no longer be advertised on television. They needed a way to showcase and provide examples of the type of marketing that could be placed directly into bars and nightclubs, and broadcast on the Signcast proprietary network. They needed a promotional piece to show not only the possibilities of the format, but to show how the videos could be placed in bars and nightclubs.

The Solution

The video was created from original artwork, stock photography, stock video, and original video footage provided by Signcast. The video ran from the CD-ROM and was used as a sales tool to get potential advertisers to advertise on the Signcast video network (now defunct). An idea ahead of its time, for sure.

My Role

  • Concept/Creative Direction
  • Branding and Identity
  • Visual design
  • Video animation and editing

What was created?

  • Digital video
  • Interactive interface