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Assemble Tequila Brand Creation


For this project, I was asked by a large distributor to create a brand of alcohol and to show them how I would create all the digital marketing to help sell and promote the brand. Starting with an idea, I created a brand of high-end tequila. From the name, to the concepts, audience analysis, social media schedule and postings, wireframes, a mobile app, website, and online ads – I created everything over the course of one week. I put the example in here to show what – for me – goes into creating and executing a full-fledged, comprehensive, and integrated branding package.

My Involvement

  • Concept/Branding
  • Content
  • Design and execution

What was created?

  • Branding, including name, logo, and identity for the spirits
  • Content
  • Posts and design for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others
  • Email campaign
  • Online Ads