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Zoological Society of Milwaukee County Zoo Integrated Omni-Channel Marketing Campaign

Television Spots

The Problem

The Zoological Society of Milwaukee is the main organization that educates the public about the Milwaukee County Zoo, and also has the Zoo Pass, available to anyone for season passes. Each year, a Spring campaign is launched in an effort to get more Zoo Pass subscribers. Challenges include a finite number of potential customers and a static population in the Milwaukee Area.

The Solution

We compiled a list of common one-word adjectives that describe what you “really get” when you purchase a Zoo Pass for your family – FUN. EXCITEMENT. etc. The final deliverables were TV spots, radio spots, Pandora spots, an email campaign, online ads, and a direct mail piece. The final theme was “Zoo Pass gets you there.” 

My Role

  • Branding/Concept/Creative Direction
  • Directing photo and video shoots
  • Writing all content (scripts) for commercials, direct mail, email, and online
  • Managing design department team

What was created?

  • Concept pitch mockups
  • 30s and 60s television commercials
  • Social media re-brand
  • Radio spots (and Pandora)
  • Online ads
  • Email campaign
  • Landing page